Be Yourself….?

When I think about how to be happiest in life, I always try to look at people who seem genuinely happy. (Key word genuinely – not that social media, outward appearance happy)

The people who seem happiest are those who own their personality. They are who they are. And that shapes how they view the world and their life.

They are happiest by simply being themselves.

I think that is how they make their lives into what they want. I don’t think happiness depends on lots of external achievements. I think if you are yourself, it will shape your environment around you. And ultimately shape it into the environment you are happiest in. (Maybe that’s idealistic? I don’t know. But it sounds good to me)

However, I think being yourself is quite easier said than done.

How do you know who you are?

That may seem like a silly question. But think about. I am a different person to the people I work with than who I am to my personal friends. Or to my family. Or to whatever other subgroup or relationship type I might have.

Which on is the real me (or you)? Or is it some sort of combination or blend of all of them?

On top of that, I think we as people are often changing.

I am not the same person I was 20 years ago. Or 10. Or 5. Or probably even 2 years ago. What is happening is our lives also shapes how we view things as we get older.

So, to me, trying to find who you are as a person – how you react to things, how you conduct yourself, how you view the world and people – can be quite hard to define.

(And if you have any tips on that….please let me know)

I’m still working on it. Definitely.

But I think that when we let out true selves be the dominant, driving force in our lives – that is when we are happiest.

Just my two cents on this particular Wednesday.


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