Some Coffee Required

You want to hear something candid?

This morning required two cups of coffee.

Before 8 am.

Yep. I don’t know what it was. Monday definitely had something to do with it. The dark, rainy morning probably didn’t help. The missed hours of sleep that I still didn’t manage to catch up on this weekend certainly contributed. (See – I told you in last Friday’s post I wouldn’t get as much sleep as I meant to this weekend. I know myself so well.)

Point of the story is that my to-go mug of coffee I bring from home each morning usually lasts until 9.

This morning that mug barely lasted the drive to work.

And I only have about a 20 minute commute.

Luckily, I made the smart investment of buying a $3.00 refillable Einstein Bros coffee mug.

This means 20 oz of fresh coffee anytime I want for $1.

It’s well worth the investment considering the only other option in my building is the communal coffee station where a cup costs 50 cents anyways and the coffee tastes like dog crap. (I’m guessing….I’ve never tasted dog crap.)

And, honestly, I’m sure I’ll need another refill before the work day is over. I usually require an afternoon cup as well to get past the after-lunch slump.

What a novel post this is, right? Some twenty-something complaining about needing coffee on a Monday morning….

Oh well. That’s all my brain can handle right now.

Or at least until the third cup of coffee.



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