The Saintly-est Thing of All

Once again, I’m wondering what to write about today. Once again I find myself wandering over to the Daily Post’s daily prompt page. (Which is pretty great for anyone trying to keep a semi-regular posting schedule, but doesn’t know what to write about half of the time.)

Saintly is the prompt today.

In all honesty, the very first thought that sprang forward from my brain? It was how I missed another holy day of obligation earlier this week….

That’s not very saintly.  And not very fun to write about.

So I skipped to the second thought that came forward. I thought about the most saintly thing on this Earth

The smell of garlic and onions sauteing in butter.

I’m not joking. But I also might be hungry. That could have something to do with my opinion right now.

But I don’t think I’m exaggerating even one little bit. Do you know this smell that I’m speaking of? It’s how any good recipe starts. (In my humble and unprofessional opinion.) I was going to put a long list of dishes that start with this step right here, but there are too many to narrow down.

Mincing garlic, chopping onions, and sauteing them in a pan was one of the first, basic cooking steps I ever attempted. There were many trials and errors. You can’t have the heat too high, or else everything will burn before cooking down. You have to mince the garlic small enough, or else you might get a raw piece while eating. Learning how to correctly chop an onion alone, was a feat within itself. (At least for me it was. Some people maybe sitting there thinking I clearly have no place holding a knife…)

But all of the trials were well worth the wait. I can’t count how many times I’ve completed these steps. I know it’ll end in a good dinner just based on the smell.

I swear that smell is therapeutic. After a bad day, all I want to do is come home and cook something comforting for dinner. The onion, garlic, buttery smell just makes the worries drift away… could also have something to do with the dancing music on in the background….or the second glass of wine….but I think the smell helps, too.

Seriously. Someone should make this scent into a candle.

You’d have at least one customer.




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